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Bat Shlomo Winery

Bat Shlomo is a quality boutique winery owned by the Wurtman family and located at the Bat Shlomo moshava (agricultural outpost) on the southern edges of the Carmel Mountain, near Zikhron Yaakov and Binyamina.  The winery places emphasis on quality white wines, all of which are produced from its own plots (about 28 square meters of new vineyards planted in Bat Shlomo). The Bat Shlomo Winery specializes in Sauvignon Blanc wines.  It is will also produce red wines in the future. The winery’s wines are kosher.
Sauvignon Blanc 2010

A quality wine made of 100% Sauvignon Blanc grapes.  It has a clear yellow color with tinges of clear mineral green, and aromas of lemon, peach, apricot, spearmint, and hints of tropical fruits.  The wine has a nice and fresh taste with traces of lime, and a long and smooth finish.

The wine is kosher.

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