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Eden Winery

A quality boutique winery located in Moshav Tirat Yehuda (at the edge of the Judean foothills), it operates since 2007 under the direction of winemaker Eyal Elipaz – holder of a degree in Oenology from Adelaide University.  The winery’s grapes are harvested in selected parcels of the Ben Zimra vineyard in Northern Galilee, through a manual process to ensure the quality of the wine.  The winery produces a number of quality wines that age inside French wood barrels in its cellars.   The wines at this winery are Kosher.
Wild Red 2009

This wine is made of a classic blend of Cabarnet and Merlot grapes from the Ben Zimra vineyard in Upper Galilee.

It was aged for 16 months in French oak barrels prior to bottling.
This wine has a deep red color, a scent of raspberry and wild cherry with a hint of vanilla, a deep body, solid tannins, and balanced acidity.

This wine is kosher.

Wild Rose 2010

A wine made exclusively from 100% Cabarnet Franc grapes hand-picked in the Safsufa vineyard in Upper Galilee.

The grapes were gently pressed and the fresh juice was transferred to fermentation vats.
This wine has an exciting pink color and aromas of wild rose, strawberry, and fresh lime oil.
It is a balanced wine with a light body, a pleasant presence, and a fruity and perfumed finish.

This wine is kosher.

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