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Maresha Winery

Maresha Estate Winery is a quality kosher family winery located at Moshav (agricultural outpost) Zarhia in the Beit Guvrin region.  Maresha Estate Winery produces top-level quality wines in a new and developing wine terroir; Lachish - Shafir Valley, in the proximity of the Beit Guvrin creek.  The winery has been in operation since 2008 and produces approximately 8,000 bottles a year.  Its wines are produced exclusively from vineyards owned by the winery – a fact that ensures the uniqueness of the flavors and aromas typical of this specific terroir. The winery’s wines are kosher.
Tel Maresha

A blend made of 50% Cabarnet Sauvignon grapes, 40% Merlot grapes, and 10% Sirah grapes – all of them from vineyards owned by the winery and grown in the area.  The combination of Cabarnet, Merlot, and Sirah grapes produces a balanced wine with soft but pronounced tannins, a solid-bodied wine with a long residual flavor.

This wine is kosher.

Guvrin Stream

A unique blend of 50% Pinotage and 50% Sirah grapes.  The wine has a complex character, rich in aromas of red fruits and herbs.  The Pinotage variety, which is uncommon in Israeli vineyards, was found to be a promising success in regional crops.

This wine is kosher.

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