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Ramat HaGolan Winery

The Ramat HaGolan Wineries, located in the Golan Heights, constitute the spearhead of the Israeli wine industry because of the quality of the wines, the state-of-the-art technology, and the development of new varieties.  Throughout their years of operation – starting in 1983 – the Ramat HaGolan Wineries have been at the forefront of the wine revolution in Israel, changing the Israeli customer’s perception of the world of wine and developing a wine culture in Israel.  The winery’s products enjoy a reputation for high quality, are manufactured with the highest standards, exported to a wide diversity of countries world-wide, and have received countless prizes and medals over the years.   Wines from this winery are Kosher.
Yarden Merlot 2005

Yarden Merlot is made of Merlot grapes and a small quantity of Cabarnet Sauvignon grapes cultivated in a cold climate at high altitude.  The grapes come from four vineyards that are located in the central and northern Golan Heights.

The wine was aged in French oak barrels for 14 months before bottling.  40% of these were new barrels.

The wine has a deep red color, medium/full body, and shows off aromas and flavors of ripe plums and blackberries.

The wine is ready to be enjoyed now and suitable for further aging during additional years.

This wine is kosher.

Yarden Katzrin 2008

This wine continues the tradition of uncompromising quality of Ramat Hagolan Wineries’ top line of wines.

Yarden Katzrin 2008 is the eighth wine in the Katzrin series and, similarly to its predecessors, it shows rare and uncompromising qualities.

Yarden Katzrin 2008 is a blend made of 87% Cabarnet Sauvignon and 13% Merlot grapes.  The grapes were harvested from selected vineyards in the northern and central Golan Heights, among them: Yonatan, Odem, El Rom, and Tel Phares.

Wines from the different plots were aged separately for 18 months in French oak barrels, and after blending the wine was aged again for 6 months, so that total aging reached 24 months in barrels.

The wine was bottled without filtration in March 2011 and was aged for 18 additional months prior to being marketed.

It is a rich and complex wine characterized by a full body and a long and delightful finish.  It will keep on improving in the next years, and has an aging potential of 15 to 20 years under suitable conditions.

This wine is Kosher.

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