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Shiloh Winery

The Shiloh Winery is located in Shiloh at the heart of the Binyamin Strip.  The winery was established in 2005 & produces quality wines combining the love of the earth & the special terroir of the Binyamin Strip region with state-of-the-art technology & uncompromising professionalism under the management of winemaker Amichai Luria.  The Shiloh Winery produces about 80,000 bottles a year from a number of selected parcels of grapevine distributed throughout the country (from Kfar Yuval in the North to Shiloh in Samaria).  Throughout the winery’s years of activity, its wines have been awarded many medals & prizes in Israeli & international wine shows.  These are contemporary & clean wines located at the junction of styles between the old & the new world.   The wines from this winery are Kosher.
Merlot Sod 2008

A unique, high-quality wine from the Sod (Secret) Reserve series –Shiloh Winery’s supreme series.

The wine is made exclusively with 100% Merlot grapes from Shiloh Winery’s most selected plots, whose clusters undergo meticulous sorting.

The wine was improved in selected French oak barrels for 20 months prior to bottling.

It has a deep red and black color, and a combination of earthy and fruity aromas.

The wine has a heavy body and a long, complex finish.  It is suitable to be drunk at present, but it will keep on improving in the next years.

The Shiloh Winery was awarded three gold medals at the 2008 Eshkol HaZahav (Golden Cluster) Competition – for its Cabarnet, Merlot, and Shiraz wines.

This wine is kosher.

Barbera 2008/2009

The wine is made exclusively with 100% Barbera grapes.
The wine was improved and aged in quality French and American oak barrels for 16 months.
It has a bright red-purple color, aromas of cherry and strawberry, and a complex coffee-and-vanilla bouquet.
It is a dominant wine with a medium body and a long and pleasant finish.   It will continue to improve over the next years.

This wine is kosher.

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